Two men are accused of gluing winning numbers on their losing lotto tickets. No, they aren't from Florida. They reside in the great state of Mississippi.

FOX44 tells us that Odis Latham, 47, and Russell Sparks, 48, were arrested Monday and charged with offenses including uttering a counterfeit instrument over $1,000.

The ticket was worth well over one grand - it would have been a $100,000 winner.

I wonder how good of a job they did. Was it convincing? Or did they just clip random numbers from a newspaper? Oh, no one has newspapers anymore. A magazine then.

Trying to scam a scam? Ha! Better luck next time, fellas. Or, not. Yeah, you probably shouldn't try anything like that again.

If you want to try your luck the honest way (no cheating) here in Texas, the current Lotto Texas jackpot is $16.5 million, and the Texas Two Step jackpot is $200,000. The Powerball jackpot is sitting at $258 million, and the Mega Millions rests at $69 million right now.

I really don't recommend trying to copy the geniuses in Mississippi. You're going to get caught, and you'll be lucky if you find yourself winning at BINGO in prison.



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