What a crazy story.

First of all, the headline sounds like something out of a Disney movie - Girl on Unicorn rescued by ferry.  With apologies to Tinker Bell, it's not quite the same kind of fairy.

Greek City Times via YouTube
Greek City Times via YouTube

So, as you take a look at the picture, yes, the little dot in the ocean on the left is the girl about a half mile out to sea.  According to a story in the Greek City Times, there was a strong wind and current that day, and the somehow the 4-year-old girl was carried out to the open water, much to the fright of her parents.

Give the girl tons of credit, though.  Reports indicate she never panicked, in fact, she seemed to be quite the cool customer as you can see in the video.

I don't know what company makes the floating unicorn, but they need to seize this marketing opportunity.  "Whether you're catching some rays in the back yard pool or exploring the Aegean Sea, Penelope the Unicorn will take you beyond your wildest dreams", I can hear the commercial now.

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