As reported by the Chronicle online, an Austin appeals court gutted a 42-year-old highway beautification law because the terms prescribed by the law is a violation of individual rights and free speech.

It seems a large sign was erected by an enthusiastic fan of Dr. Ron Paul – and honestly, that seems to be the only kind of fan he has,  often to the point of irritation: when asking someone whether they believe it's a nice day, they respond by working in the doctor's sayings.

We get it you like the guy. But I digress... The sign was on private property but was visible on the highway. The highway beautification act called for signs egregiously going beyond city codes and other zoning ordinances  to be removed or the owner would face a fine. In this case, however, the owner was trying to pick a fight. He got one all right… And he won!

Political speech is the very reason our founding fathers fought so hard and enshrined the right to free speech in the Bill of Rights.  To say someone can't put up a political sentiment because it might be an eyesore is like preventing an insult because it may offend someone: you know..

We don't have to trample on peoples rights to make Texas highways look more attractive. If we can get people to stop throwing cigarette butts out the window, that would be a positive first step!

Don't litter and we won't have to pass stupid laws. We all know the saying: DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS.