The good news is that a missing Fort Hood soldier is safe and has returned to base.

The bad news is that he could be in big trouble for leaving without telling anyone why.

Fort Hood officials said in a news release Tuesday that Spc. Abram Salas II was declared missing on Wednesday, June 23 after failing to report for duty.

Fort Hood’s Department of Emergency Services worked with several agencies to launch an investigation, and were later able to locate him in the San Antonio area with the help of the San Antonio Police Department, Texas DPS, and the Killeen Police Department.

Salas II returned to his unit on Saturday, July 3 - about a week-and-a-half after going missing.

Officials say he did not give anyone on base a reason for having left unannounced, but that he left of his own accord. They are investigating the details of disappearance.

Our partners at News 10 report that Salas was married a few days before he vanished from base, and that they believe that's why he left.

Teresa Kiphen, Salas' aunt, told News 10, "He got married and everybody found out about it on social media, and no one knew about this person before."

Fort Hood commander Col. Chad R. Foster expressed relief and thanked Salas' family for their help in finding him.

These days, many of us read headlines about missing Fort Hood soldiers and assume the worst. There's just been so much tragedy in recent years.

Thankfully the soldier in this case seems to be safe and sound, even if he could be in some hot water after just leaving like that.

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