The sky's the limit for the 4th of July! Bell County Fire Marshal Steven Casey says a county wide burn ban isn't necessary for the upcoming holiday. The Keetch-Byram index shows Bell County is well below the line in terms of drought. In fact, Bell County currently scores a 253 on the KBDI scale according to the Texas A&M forest service. For a burn ban to be put in place, Fire Marshal Casey says the county would need to score above 500.

Heavy rains in Central Texas have caused flooding in many areas early in the month, however recent hot and dry weather has the KBDI score trending upward. Casey says if the weather stays the way it's been this week, the county will most likely need to implement a ban within the next 3 weeks.

Last summer Bell County needed to announce a burn ban on August 3rd. It lasted until late October when the area received between 6 to 8 inches of rainfall.

But for now, it looks like we might see a lotta fireworks on 4th of July. Fire Marshal Casey still strongly encourages being very careful when lighting fireworks and to always have water nearby in case of an accident.