A few months ago one of the Townsquare Media staff members received an alert that her credit card was charged an inordinate amount of money in Florida - problem is she's never been. Then about a month ago, the same thing happened to another staff member. Then myself! What was the common denominator in this equation? We all use the same gas station and pay at the pump.

There have been reports of people stealing credit card information from gas stations throughout Texas this year, either through credit card skimmers or apps found on smart phones that can pick up your private information by just being in close proximity with your wallet. Temple police have been alerted and are aware of the situation, however there hasn't been any evidence to prove this gas station on West Adams has been targeted.

KXAN NBC just reported about credit card skimmers found at a Lago Vista gas station - a suburb of Round Rock a little over an hour away from Temple.

According to Lago Vista police, the three skimming devices were found on three gas pumps at a CEFCO convenience store at 20520 FM 1431 on Thursday.

When paying at the pump, make sure there are no external or odd attachments (see photo above). Or if you really want to cut the risk, pay the cashier inside the store.

If you see something suspicious or maybe a person is lingering a little too long by you (and not actually pumping gas), go inside the store, alert the employees and pay inside.

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