Football is Back!

The 2021 NFL season has officially arrived, and it is certainly a glorious feeling knowing that every Sunday from now until February will have some games to watch.

The season kicked off last night in Canton, Ohio, the home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The Cowboys and Steelers met up for the annual Hall of Fame Game to get the 2021 NFL season started.

How'd It Go?

Well, the whole game definitely looked like a preseason game with a whole lot of rusty players and miscommunication from both teams. The Cowboys came out and ended up being the first team to put points on the board, but that was it for their scoring on the night. Steelers put up 16, and the Cowboys start the new season the same way they ended the last one...with a loss.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Dallas Cowboys
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Good News

The thing about these preseason games is that they are primarily there to take a look at your younger talent and veterans who are on the bubble to make the upcoming roster cuts. With that being said, you can't really put any stock into the outcome of the game. It really only exists as tool for the coaching staff to gauge who makes the final roster.

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The New Guy 

The Cowboys and Steelers really wanted to take a look at the talent behind their starting quarterbacks. The results are a little concerning for both teams, but Cowboy fans did get a look at their shiny new toy from the first round of the NFL draft. Former Penn State linebacker Micah Parsons got his first game reps. He managed to collect three solo tackles and a fumble recovery before being pulled. Good news for the cowboys, who have been plagued of the past few years at the LB position.

2021 NFL Draft
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What to Expect Next?

Like I said before, this game's sole purpose is for player evaluation, so it's pretty hard to gauge where the team is at from just one game. There is a lot left to play out in the preseason, as the coaches continue to rotate personnel in hopes of finding the perfect roster for the season.

The Cowboys certainly wish they started on a better note, but hey., at least that Parsons kid looked decent, right?

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