A North Carolina family got quite the surprise recently when their white German Shepard, Gypsy, gave birth to her litter of eight puppies.

6abc.com reports that the fourth puppy in the litter was quite unusual. The pup, which the family has decided to name Hulk, came out with lime green fur.

With such unusual coloring, one would think that maybe there was something wrong with Hulk, but his owner, Shena Stamey, says that all of the puppies, including Hulk, are perfectly healthy.

But why was he green?

It turns out that this is something that can happen when meconium (puppy poop) is inside of the sack inside of the mother that holds the puppies. It doesn't always stain their fur, but it can and in this case it did. (You can learn more about meconium here, but I don't recommend clicking through unless you'd really like to see a picture of puppy poop.)

Since his birth, the color of Hulk's fur has faded to more of a "highlighter yellow" color. It's expected that the staining will fade away completely eventually.

If you're interested in adopting a formerly lime green puppy, good news! The puppies will all be put up for adoption when they are old enough.


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