KWTX reported from their sister station KBTX that Blue Bell is releasing another classic back into the stores this summer.

When Ronald Reagan was the President of the United States, he declared July National Ice Cream Month, and Blue Bell would be making him proud with all of these July returns.

Earlier in the month, Blue Bell returned their highly acclaimed Fudge Bars back to store freezers for everyone to enjoy. The chocolate fudge ice cream on a stick treat is only 110 calories and gluten free.

The newest classic returning to store freezers from Blue Bell is their Krazy Kookie Dough flavor. The ice cream is made up of cake batter ice cream and colorful pieces of sugar cookie dough.

Twitter, the Krazy Kookie Dough flavor is returning to stores today on June 9th. It's only available in the pint sized containers, so you may want to stack up!

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