Now it's safe to bring in summer as Blue Bell has brought back the tasty Strawberry Cheesecake.

Via Blue Bell
Via Blue Bell

Growing up, I always looked forward to summer for the simple reason that the Dairy Queen would re-open. During the summer they would celebrate baseball season with helmet sundaes. Once a month we would go so my dad could have his Dilly Bar and the rest of us would get one of those sundaes. I would always get strawberries on mine. This was back in the 70,s when stores and shops cared about quality, so the strawberry sauce would be made with real strawberries, not processed garbage from a can.

Turns out this is the main problem when it comes to strawberry ice cream. You can have high quality ice cream but it's littered with mediocre strawberry sauce. Well Blue Bell is stepping up to the plate again with the re-release of Strawberry Cheesecake. I'll be honest with you: adding the cheesecake could be a cover up action, or it might be an addition to the typical Blue Bell greatness. I'm truly hoping for the latter.

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