Police in Bryan may be closer to discovering what happened to a little girl who's been missing since June.

The Associated Press reports that the body of a child was found buried in the backyard of a home from which 3-year-old Rayven Shields has been missing since mid-June. Police have not identified the remains, but the child's mother, 35-year-old Virginia Ann Adams, has been in custody since Wednesday on a charge of interference with child custody.

Furthermore, KBTX-TV reports that police are treating the case as a murder investigation. They have not officially named any suspects, but say they believe they're looking for someone close to the girl.

According to KBTX, authorities were alerted to the possibility of remains on the property by a search dog whose reaction to a garden at the home prompted a dig. Police say it will take time to identify the remains, and have not said they belong to Rayven. However, family members told KBTX there's little doubt the remains are Rayven's.

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