I'm not a criminal. Oh, I tried when I was young, but I got caught every time. I learned. Some don't.

Via KWTX/Bryan Police
Via KWTX/Bryan Police

If you need a sign from God to change your ways, you might not want to look for a sea parting. Sometimes it's the subtle hints you need to pay attention to.

KWTX is reporting on a story from KBTX. It seems a Bryan, Texas man was rounded up after he ran from police and his shorts fell down.

Bryan Police said that 36-year old Keith Calhoun was wanted on several warrants. He had a history of running, so they positioned a few officers in back of his house when they went to pick him up.

Sure enough, Calhoun jetted out the back when the police came in the front. When he saw the officers in back, he went to change direction and his shorts dropped to his knees, causing him to fall to the ground.

He was charged with evading arrest as well as failing to identify as a fugitive. (What the hell kind of law is that? The moment you I.D. yourself as a fugitive aren't you arrested?)

Anyway, back to my original point. If you can't wear shorts that stay up, should you really be in a profession where you need to move quickly? Time to think about a new career.

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