KWTX reported form the Associated Press that a notable Texas sized convenience store hasn't made a grand introduction when it opened its doors in the state of Alabama.

The beloved Buc-ee's convenience stores that are native to Texas, just recently opened a location along Interstate 10 in Baldwin County in Alabama on January 21st.

Multiple news outlets have reported that Oasis Travel Center LLC has sued Buc-ee's for there gas prices. Buc-ee's is being sued in a federal court in Mobile, Alabama for selling their gas cheaper than what Alabama state law actually allows.

In the lawsuit, Oasis Travel Center LLC is claiming that Buc-ee's grand opening gas price was around $1.80 per gallon. That price violates the Alabama Motor Fuel Marketing Act, which states companies aren't allowed to sell gas for less than it costs to buy and transport to a retail site.

The lawsuit says that the current lowest price of fuel in Alabama is $2.00 per gallon. The attorney for Buc-ee's, Jeff Nadalo says, "The company promises to deliver high-quality fuel priced competitively and always strives to the customers' choice."


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