Customer finds piece of metal in beef jerky. Complains. Must be a hip hop fan. Recall ensues.

Yes, even the mighty Buc-ee's can make a mistake.

If you've picked up a some jerky at Buc-ee's you might want to check this out. Of course, if you've picked up some jerky, odds are you've already devoured it. After all, it's jerky.

But anyway, Buc-ee's has recalled 690 pounds of the 4 ounce Hill Country Brand Teriyaki Beef jerky.

12news is reporting that U.S. Department of Acriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service said that they're recalling the ready-to-eat teriyaki beef jerky made at the Junior's Smokehouse Processing Plant in El Campo, Texas because of possible contamination with foreign matter. To be more specific, some hard metal.

If you have some of the teriyaki jerky, check the Best By date. If it says "Best By 08-09-2019", and the lot code says "220-272". You're asked to throw it away, or return it to the store you bought it from. The meat should not be eaten. Oh sure, since it's metal, you could run a metal detector over it, but still, you might not pick up any micro pieces. And even though we are evolving, digesting metal is still a few years away, so be safe and chuck it.

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