KWTX reported from the Associated Press, that a Central Texas truck driver was involved in a multi-vehicle crash that took place on Interstate 10, and left two people dead.

Authorities from the state of Louisiana said that the crash took place around shortly after 1:00 a.m. Thursday in Lafayette Parish.

The inital investigation that has begun shows that William Rawlings, 67, of Killeen, was driving in the eastbound direction of Interstate 10 in an 18 wheeler. Rawlings moved into some slow moving traffic when he was driving through a construction zone.

Rawling wasn't able to slow down fast enough, and hit the back of a pickup truck in the traffic. Rawlings hit the truck of Kenneth Mcneil of Houston, 45, and caused a domino effect crash that involved five vehicles.

Mcneil's pickup truck hit Geri Giasco's car, which struck the rear of another 18 wheeler, and caused that 18 wheeler to strike another. McNeil and Glasco suffered fatal injuries, and they were pronounced dead at the scene of the crime. No other injuries were reported at the scene. KWTX reported through the Associated Press

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