If you're an Army spouse new to Fort Hood and Killeen, or you know someone who is, this video from a seasoned Central Texas Army wife is a must-watch.

YouTube user KelseyTryin2Code offered her unique perspective on becoming acclimated to life on and around base and how it may affect your relationship.

Aware that everyone's experience will be different, KelseyTryin2Code included a disclaimer with the video:

"This video is for any Army wives looking for advice on being in 1) military relationship, 2) living in Killeen Texas. This is just my opinion and if you find anything I say offensive, sorry in advance. It is meant to give you foresight into what your relationship might be like. This is advice I wish I had gotten when I first became involved with my now husband. I found most information about Army wives to be outdated, so I wanted to put a fresh outlook on it."

The comments on her video tend agree with her position on being an army wife in Killeen. Would you agree?

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