Chuy's Mexican Restaurant in Round Rock has become a center of controversy after someone posted a sign threatening to fire employees who joined a national day of protest, but a representative of the chain says they have no idea who posted the notice.


Twitter user
@ManVsParty posted a picture of the sign to Twitter yesterday. In Spanish it reads:

Chuys is a great place to work and we need your support. If you choose not to work on Thursday, we will put their names in a cap and the names that are selected will lose their work.

The sign seems to have been referring to a national day of protest dubbed "Day Without Immigrants", in which thousands across the U.S. walked out of work and school in protest of recent crackdowns on illegal immigrants by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Chuy's tweeted back at ManVsParty, saying the message had been removed and that the company was working to cover schedules for employees participating in the protest.

Marsha Williams, Chuy's Vice President of Human Resources, told Austin360 that the sign was not posted by the restaurant, and that the authored remained unidentified. She said the company supported employees participating in the protest and that no disciplinary action was being taken.

Whether an employee posted the sign or not, it's brought a lot of negative attention to the restaurant, both from supports of the protest and those who feel Chuy's did post the sign, then back-peddled.

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