Our news partner, KWTX, recently shared the incredible story of 15-year-old Elizabeth Schiller, a student at A&M Consolidated High School in College Station who recently spent 40 days in a coma while battling the flu.

Elizabeth was diagnosed with influenza B in February, and her case proved so severe that doctors at Temple's McLane Children's Hospital decided to intubate and place her in a medically-induced coma to reduce stress on her body. She underwent surgery to clean her lungs as well, and required multiple tubes in her lungs.

After 40 days, Elizabeth was allowed to wake up. She was released from the hospital 16 days later, though she still needed a tube in her throat to remove fluids.

Elizabeth, who runs track for A&M Consolidated, credits her healthy lifestyle and diet for saving her life. Her primary concern when she woke up was being able to run again, and KWTX reports that she worried hospital staff when she tried to run in the halls.

"If I was a couch potato, I probably wouldn't be where I'm at now," Elizabeth told KWTX.

Not only is her story inspiring, but it's a reminder to us all of the importance of staying in shape with exercise and sensible eating. Each case is different, but our bodies fight best when we fight for our bodies.

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