One night back when I was in college, some friends and I decided to stop at IHOP after a night of drinking. (We had a designated driver.) One of my friends was on another, booze-filled planet and didn't seem to realize we were seated right across from two police officers who were nice enough not to bust us for public intoxication, presumably because we were keeping to ourselves.

My friend had the bright idea to try a dine-and-dash, which is when you rack up a food bill, then leg it out of the place without paying.

It was when he kept talking aloud about it that the police started eyeing us, and I was sweating bullets. I told my friend we'd do it if he'd quiet down, but that we'd have to leave one at a time so we didn't raise suspicions. He left and went back to the car first. The rest us paid the bill.

To this day, I don't think he's ever realized that we didn't actually dine-and-dash that night. (Unless he's reading this now, in which case, sorry, Josh.)

It's a dumb thing to do when you're a kid just sticking it to the world, but it's a downright trashy thing to do when you're an adult.

KBTX-TV shared surveillance footage of two men and two women casually walking out of a Tex-Mex place in College Station without paying. They tried to pull the one-at-a-time scheme too, but there was no sober friend to do the right thing.

Jonathan Aguilar, the manager of the restaurant, says they skipped out on a $112 bill, and that some restaurants (not his) make the server pay for that. Ouch.

Aguilar shared the story in hopes that these folks won't be able to walk out on anymore tabs. While College Station is a long drive away, you never know where things like this will happen or if these folks might end up seated near you at IHOP one night.

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