If there was ever a good time to stop eating fish in Texas, it's now.

ABC13 is reporting that the Texas Department of State Health Services has issued warnings for people not to eat fish caught in the Houston Ship Channel.

Texas Parks & Wildlife was advising people not to eat any species of fish or blue crab caught in the channel, and said there's a serious risk of contamination from Dioxins and Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)

The area has been closed since Friday, March 22, and the U.S. Coast Guard has been skimming the water to pull out oily product.

Health officials normally warn children and women of childbearing age to not eat fish or crab from this area, but the new warning now applies to everyone. So, if you plan to head to the coast soon or have friends and family out that way, be careful.

The advisory urges that those who do choose to consume fish caught in the upper Houston Ship Channel eat no more than one meal including the fish per month.

Sure, this is only for one waterway, but still, fish normally swim in their own filth and all the junk we dump in the ocean. So you have to ask yourself, "If I dropped my cheeseburger in ditch water, would I pick it out and eat it?"

Hell no!

Eat beef and save the ozone layer. (That's how it works, right?)

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