The unthinkable happened to a young lady in El Paso, Texas this week. She had to be rescued from a sinkhole literally moments before her car was swallowed by water. Talk about terrifying! I wouldn’t know what to do.



YouTube /USA Today
YouTube /USA Today

El Paso Fire Department stated that the woman’s car fell into a sinkhole caused by a water main break that had happened on Tuesday, August 9.

A lot of people might not realize that a sinkhole can be created from a water break, but it’s actually very common. Firefighters and witnesses who were there while the young lady’s car practically disappeared right in front of her eyes were able to rescue the young lady through her back windshield.

After being rescued, the young lady was escorted to safety as her entire vehicle was swallowed by the earth.



The victim was sent to the hospital, where authorities say she was treated for just a few minor injuries.

El Paso Utility was also in attendance at the scene. On August 10, it was reported that the utility company had a crew remove the car from the sinkhole. The utility company stated that the crews would now work to remove the debris and repair the waterline.

We are just thankful that this young lady was able to get to safety and was properly taken care of as soon as possible. Materialistic things can be replaced, but human beings cannot.


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