It's Valentine's Day, the day all of our happily coupled friends boast about their loving relationships and the wonderful gifts that their better than anyone else's sweetheart gave them. But let me tell you a slightly different story. The story of a woman, Shelby Sampson, who went on what she expected to be just another first date via her dating app.

It started simply enough, she went to his mother's house to pick him up. Did I mention that she was 40 and he was 33? The fact that he was still living with mommy dearest should have been a flag right from the start.

Nevertheless, she picked him up and they began their date. She drove, he drank wine in the passenger seat. Another big red flag. A few moments later he asked if she could run him by a bank in town. She probably thought he was going to get some cash for the rest of their date so he could pay for a nice, expensive dinner. She was wrong.

She waited in the car while he went into the bank, a few minutes later he came rushing out, jumped into the vehicle and instructed her to drive. Since he had some cash in one hand and a gun in the other she did as she was told. As soon as she noticed the police car pursuing her she saw an opportunity to end the madness and pulled into a parking lot, got away from the car, and let the officers take over from there. She was initially charged with being an accessory after the fact in a bank robbery, but the prosecution dropped those charges when they realized what had actually happened.

This all happened back in 2016 and according to The Sun Chronicle the young man in this story, Christopher Castillo, was just sentenced to five years in prison.

Maybe running a background check on someone before going out with them isn't such a paranoid idea after all.

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