Apparently the folks at Fort Hood did not like a joke they saw posted online.


According to a report from the Killeen Daily Herald, III Corps and Fort Hood officials want the public to know that they take housing seriously, and that it is in fact, no laughing matter.

A picture of a roach that was painted over has recently went viral on the internet. Many viewers copied the image and referenced it to places which they believe were likely to do the same. One of those places mentioned happened to be Fort Hood. The photo was circulated on Facebook in a group called What’s happening in Killeen/Fort Hood,  and was then shared by U.S. Army W.T.F! moments Facebook page.

Most people got a really good laugh, but Fort Hood was very much offended.

“Keep in mind, it is easy to repurpose any image and attach it to a locale at the expense of laughs and reputation damage,” Crisp said via email to KDHD on Tuesday. “That appears to be the case here, which is quite unfortunate considering the tremendous strides Fort Hood is making to improve all quality of life services on the installation, to include the $420 million earmarked for Fort Hood housing construction and improvement."

“Baseless social media stunts posted for fun at the expense of Fort Hood is again, unfortunate and detrimental to all the great work happening on the installation every day," the email continues. "Quality housing for our soldiers and families is something our leaders and community partners care deeply about.”

According to DailyMail, the incident did actually occur in Texas, but the exact location has yet to be revealed. The original photographer, identified only as Chelsea, tweeted the original picture on September 4. The next day, after seeing the thousands of shares and countless memes inspired by the pic, she tweeted that she's "really glad everyone is having so much fun with my mummified roommate".

Someone responded with this one: "It's probably a load bearing roach."

Anyway, Fort Hood, I think ya'll have other things to worry about other than social media poking fun at housing conditions.

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