Fort Hood and surrounding communities will be conducting an annual force protection exercise May 10 and 11 at various locations both on and off base, and they want to advise the public not to become alarmed by what they see or hear.

The Phantom Active Shooters exercise will simulate an active shooter scenario with participation from police, fire, and medical personnel, who will respond to several mock emergencies throughout both days. The simulation is meant to test the ability of emergency responders both on and off base to manage multiple emergency sites in the case of a shooting situation.

During the exercise, emergency messages will be broadcast from loudspeakers. Commands such as "Shelter in Place" will be proceeded by and followed by three exclamations of "Exercise". Traffic control measures will be implemented in locations that cannot be disclosed because of the need to maintain realistic responses from emergency crews, so expect some delays. Both visual and audio effects are likely to be observed in incident areas as well.

In a news release, Fort Hood officials said the bulk of the activity would take place between 9 AM and 4:30 PM on May 10.

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