Have you spotted these two people on the side of the road handing out Bibles in and around Killeen, Texas? I certainly have, and after passing by them several times, I decided to stop and talk. I'm glad I did! This has got to be by far my favorite article to share with Killeen, Texas. It’s practically a movie that needs to be made, and I am so honored to be the person to help share their story.

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There’s a sweet spot right before you get between Harker Heights and Killeen where a lovely couple by the name of John and Catherine Dedden park their SUV, usually on the weekends, and where you see a sign that reads 'Free Bible'.

A lot of times people drive by, but a few stop to see exactly what they have to offer. Recently, I finally introduced myself to John and Catherine and I learned so much not only about the kindness of human beings, but how faith is so important and shouldn’t be forgotten.



I asked John why it was so important for him and his wife to come out and give away free Bibles.

John, a native of Indiana, explained that he was once an aquatic scientist on a very different path in life. While he loved what he did and studied, he was haunted by an issue that's all too common and often devastating - alcohol abuse.

John had begun drinking at a young age and eventually realized that it had become more of a habit than a hobby, which caused him some difficulty to say the least.

Then something remarkable started happening. Everywhere he went, little signs would let him know that his mission in life was to help people to understand and receive the word of God.

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John’s wife Catherine, who is such a sweet woman and had a soft speaking voice, explained to me that the only thing that really keeps them going is their faith in God. Catherine told me God's love has motivated them to pass out the Bibles and to educate the community about the word of God.

Catherine says they have been giving out free Bibles since last April, and she estimates they've handed out over 1,500 copies. She also said she's been praying to God asking for a way to get His word on a larger platform, so we both find it remarkable that I happened to show up.



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This couple has a strong relationship with and faith in God, and they were the sweetest people I have ever met in my life. I was even able to get a free Bible.

These two are always willing to counsel and speak to troubled individuals, and I feel like we need more of that not only in Central Texas, but all of the world.

God bless you John and Catherine, and keep the faith!

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