Wildcat fans!!!!  It's getting close to kickoff!!  Let's GO BIG BLUE!!!!


Opening kickoff taken by Jemiyah Franklin.  CATS take the ball at the Temple 11.  11:53.

Opening play, Temple gets called for delay of game.  1st and 15 on the 9.  First play from scrimmage, 91 yard TOUCHDOWN from Hesse to #3 Xavier Johnson. 11:37 1st quarter.

Round Rock takes the ensuing kickoff to the 21, bringing it out of the endzone.  First play, incomplete.  Ashton Logan on the defense. Second play, #13 Gulley tackle for a loss.  On 3rd and 10, #10 Rogers Franklin buries the RR QB after a 6 yard gain. Punt to the Wildcat 28 yard line.

CATS ball.  9:58.  Pass from Hesse to #80 McGee.  5 yards.  #21 Webster on the carry, for the first down.  FACEMASK.  Ball moves to the RR 37.  Next play, Hesse to #3 Johnson for 11 yards.  Incomplete pass to #81 Johnson at the goal line.  2nd and 10 at the 37. On 2nd and 10, #21 Webster for 3 yards.  3rd and 7, pass interference. 1st and 10 at the 19.  #21 Webster to the 17.  2nd and 8.  #20 Franklin to the 7 yard line.  1st and goal!!!  Hesse to #81 Johnson for a TOUCHDOWN!!! TOUCHDOWNS sponsored by VALET CLEANERS!!  PAT good. 14-0.

Kickoff to the endzone.  Round Rock ball at the 25 yardline.  Kickoffs sponsored by EL CHICO!!  Dragons ball.  7:53 in the first quarter, sponsored by Joe Olivares Photography!!! 2nd and 5.  Incompletion.  3rd and 5.  Pass completion to the Temple 43.  1st and 10 for Round Rock.  Pass completion at the Temple 10 yard line.  First and goal for Round Rock.  Run to the 6.  3rd and 3 at the Temple 3.  Round Rock TOUCHDOWN.  PAT good. 5:34 in the first.  14-7.

Temple ball at the 38.  2nd and 2.  #21 Webster carries to the 43.  Loss of 2, 2nd and 13.  3rd and 12.  Ball on the Temple 41.  Hesse to Hextall at the RR 30 yard liine!!!  30 yarder.  5 yard run.  2nd and 5.  #20 Franklin with the carry.  Ball on the 23.  3rd and 3.  Pass incomplete to the endzone to #81 Dyer.  CATS going for it on 4th down!!!!!  Incomplete. CATS turn it over on downs.

Round Rock ball at the 23.  1st and 10.  Run.  2nd and 8, ball on the 25.  Defense stops the run.  No gain.  3rd and 9.  #5 Fillmore with the pass interference.  1st and 10 at the Round Rock 40.  Run, loss of 3.  2nd and 13 from the 32.  Pass to the Temple 49.  END of the quarter.


QUARTER 2:  Penalty opens the quarter.  1st and 10 Round Rock on the Temple 34.  Intentional grounding, defense by Monto President, #22. Ball moved back 10 yards.  2nd and 20 at the Temple 45.  Keeper by the QB to the 44.  3rd and 19.  Keeper to the 39 yard line.  4th and 15.  Round Rock punts to the Temple 12.

CATS ball.  Run to the 20.  2nd and 3.  1st down, #20, Franklin.  #20 Franklin to the 26.  2nd and 6.  Hesse to Heckstall, to the Temple 39.  Lastovica Jewelers first down!!  Incomplete to Heckstall on a 50 yard incompletion. 18 yard pass to Franklin.  1st and 10 from the Round Rock 43.  Another first down from the 32.  Incompletion. 2nd and 10 at the 32.  3rd and 4.  #21 Webster for another Lastovica Jewelers 1st down.  LONG drive.  Another first down.  Ball at the Round Rock 11.  #21 Webster at the 1!!!  First and goal!!!  TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!  7:50  PAT no good.  20-7.  7:50 in the second quarter.

Round Rock ball.  25 yard line.  No gain.  2nd and 10.  3rd and 10.  Delay of game on Round Rock.  Round Rock QB breaks a play to the Temple 14.  60 yard run.  9 yard run by the RB, 2nd and 1.  Touchdown from the Temple 5 yard line.  PAT blocked.  20-13, 5:51 in the 2nd quarter.

CATS take the ensuing kickoff from the 15 to the 29, #21, Webster.  2nd and 10.  INTERCEPTION at the 40, run in for 6.  Round Rock PAT good.  20-20. 5:23

CATS take the kickoff at our own 33. #21 Webster up to the 41.  3rd and 2.  Pass outside to #20 Franklin for no gain.  4th down.  CATS punting.  Short punt to the Round Rock 35.

Round Rock takes the ball at the 35. Loss of 1, 2nd and 11.  3rd and 9 at the RR 36.  On the blitz, the CATS defense holds RR to 3 yards.  4th and 6.  RR punting, ball down to the Wildcat 10.

CATS 1st and 10 at the 10, 2:24.  #20 Franklin to the 15.  2nd and 5.  Pass incompletion.  3rd and 5.  #20 forced out at the 10 yard line, loss of 4.  4th and 10.  Punt only to the 31.

Round Rock takes over at the Temple 31.  Offensive penalty moves the ball back to the 37.  Short gain to the 35.  Pass to the 15 for 20 yards.  1st and 10.  Run of 4 yards.  2nd and 6.  0:56 in the 2nd.  RR to the 5.  Then no gain.  0:34 to go.  LOSS of 7 on the play by the defense!!  RR going for a field goal.  Good.  Round Rock up 23-20 with 0:12 left in the half.

CATS take the kickoff at the 10.  Flag on the run back.  CATS called for an illegal block.  Reid Hesse kneels the ball to run out the clock.  HALFTIME.



CATS kick to Round Rock to start the half.  Round Rock starts on their own 25.  2nd and 10 after no gain.  Pass out to the 38 for a first down.  Another quick out, pass by RR #17 to the 46.  2nd and 3.  QB up the middle to the Temple 36 for the 1st and 10.  #17 QB to the Temple 25.  #17 Reed again on the keeper to the 16.d  2nd and 1.  QB run to the Temple 14 for the 1st and 10.  Run for a short gain.  2nd and 9 at the 12.  No gain at the 12.  3rd and 8.  4th and 8.  Field goal NO GOOD!!!!

CATS take over on downs.  1st and 10 at the 20.  1 yard loss on the run.  2nd and 11.  No gain at the 21.  Hesse with the long pass for the 79 yard TOUCHDOWN!!!!!  PAT blocked, returned for 2 by the RR Dragons.  26-25, 7:00 in the 3rd.

Kickoff a touchback.  Ball at the 25, RR 1st down.  First play from scrimmage a run to the Temple 42.  1st and 10.  Run by #36, pickup of 1.  2nd and 9.  SACK at the 44 yard line for the loss of 2.  3rd and 12.  QB stopped for no gain!!  4th and 11.  Pooch punt to the Willdcat 16.

CATS ball at the 16.  1st and 10.  Incomplete pass, 2nd and 10 from the 16. #20 Franklin up to the 23.  3rd and 3.  Hesse with the quick pass for the first down.  Another quick pass to the 37 for an 8 yard gain.  #21 Webster with the carry up the middle to the 40.  Lastovica Jewelers first down!!!!  HESS DOWN TO THE 18!!  Another first down.  Run for 2, 2nd and 8.  Incomplete, 3rd and 8.  Ball at the 18.  #21 Webster up the middle for the TOUCHDOWN.  PAT no good.  32-35, 2:37 in the 3rd.

Kickoff out of the endzone.  Round Rock takes the ball at the 25.  1st and 10.  2 yard run.  2nd and 8.  5 yard gain to the 33.  3rd and 2.  #36 up the middle and escapes a couple of tackles to the 41 for the 1st down.  Defense holds for the no gain.  Run for 3, now 3rd and 7.  End of quarter.




Great tackle for 6 yard loss by Monto President.  RR punts to the Temple 18. CATS ball.  Tackle for loss to the Temple 13.  2nd and 15.  Hesse pass to the 22.  3rd and 6.  Hesse to #81 Johnson for the first down at the 34.  Incompletion downfield.  2nd and 10. Pass complete to #21 Franklin.  Ball at the 47.  #20 Franklin dropped for a loss of 3.  2nd and 13.  8:39 in the game.  2 plays for no gain.  Punt to the Round Rock 13.d

Round Rock ball.  Gulley, #13 with the 3 yard loss.  2nd and 13.  CATS force the punt!!

CATS take the ball at the RR 49.  Flag for the hold brings back the first down run by #20 Franklin.  Ball backs up to the Temple 41.  1st and 20.  4 yard run by #20 Franklin.   6:25 in the game.  3rd and 14.  Hesse to #81 for the 53 yard TOUCHDOWN sponsored by Valet Cleaners!!!!!!  PAT, sponsored by Matt Poston State Farm Insurance, is good.  CATS up 39-25, 5:08 in the game.

Round Rock takes the El Chico kickoff at the 20.  Pass on the first play for 20 to the 40.  Incomplete pass.  2nd and 10 from the 39.  #10 Franklin with the 2 yard loss!!! PUNT!!

CATS take the punt at the Temple 32.  Pickup of one on the first down.   Poor snap to Hesse, loss of 6.  3rd and 15, ball on the Temple 23.  #21 Webster picks up 8.  Stays in CATEbounds.  Forces RR to use their last timeout.  CATS punt to the RR 29.

Round Rock stopped for no gajn on 1st down.  2nd and 10.  3rd and 11.  #15 Antoine Holliday with the great tackle to give the CATS the ball!!!!!!  CATS take over on downs.  1:02 left...........

CATS with the victory formation.  GAME OVER.

Photo by Joe Olivares Photography