Just about everything that's left over from auction inside Troy Middle School is available to the public this Saturday, September 3. 

Despite a large turnout for auction earlier this year, there are still items inside the middle school that are up for grabs this weekend. On Saturday the school will open up to the public, and if you can haul items away - they are yours to take.

Items include chalk boards, chairs, office furniture, and other school related materials.. Some items have minor damage, others just made it through the auction unwanted. The school will be open to the public from 7:30 am this Saturday until Noon. There is no power in the building, so you may need to bring your own hand held battery operated tools to remove some of the items.

The vacant middle school is located in Troy, Texas at 402 E. Main Street. There are also open bids being considered for used gym equipment from the school. If your interested in those items you can contact Brad McMurtry, Director of Student Services for Troy ISD at 254-938-2595.

Happy hunting and remember to play nice!

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