These Troy kids have it good nowadays!

I graduated from Troy High School in 2005. When I was growing up there, Troy had almost nothing going on. Don't get me wrong - it was a nice place to grow up, and I'm glad I had the small town experience vs going to a school with hundreds of people and living in some urban hellscape.

The thing is, aside from the annual Fun Fest (do they still do that?), there wasn't much to do throughout the year unless you had a friend with a car who'd drive everyone to Temple.

That's certainly changed over the past few years. In fact, last year the Class of 2020 hosted a haunted house that was genuinely creepy and fun. The year before that, there were bonfires and a haunted trails.

Yep. Today's Trojans have it very good.

Now I see that there's going to be an outdoor screening of 'Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse' at Trojan Park on Saturday, July 13. It's a free event, but you're encouraged to buy some concessions to benefit the town's youth football and cheer programs.

It's thanks to the folks with Project Troy, who say the movie will start around 8:30 or 8:45 depending on when the sun sets.

They've got at least two more movies in the park scheduled as well: a screening of 'Incredibles 2' on August 10 and Dreamworks' 'Dragons: The Hidden World' on September 14.

Kudos to Project Troy for stirring it up a little out there. When I visit my hometown to see family every once in a while, I notice more houses and more people I've never met walking around. It makes me a little homesick, but it also makes me envy the kids there who have a lot more going on in their backyards than my friends and I did.

*A previous version of this story featured an incorrect date in the headline. It has since been amended. Apologies for any confusion.*

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