A new study from the United States' largest VA lender finds that Killeen is among the top 30 cities in our nation for millennial veterans looking to settle down.

Chris Birk with Veterans United Home Loans shared the results earlier this month. Killeen ranked 11th overall in terms of VA purchase loan growth over the past three years, as well as average purchase price. In fact, Killeen-Fort Hood had the lowest average purchase price in the U.S.

The only Texas city to outrank us was San Antonio, which came in at 3rd.

"To create our Top 30 cities list, we compared our purchase loan volume for millennials in 2018 to our volume for that group in 2015," Birk wrote. "Cities are ranked by their percentage increase in VA purchase loan volume. Metro areas needed at least 75 millennial purchase loans in each of those years to be included in the analysis."

The study defined millennials as veterans and service members born between 1981 and 1996.

Millennial veterans are doing far better than their civilian counterparts, which Birk credits to the VA loan benefit they earned by serving. That benefit allows many young veterans to avoid some of the financial headaches that cause their civilian peers to regret buying a home.

You can see a complete list of the top 30 cities for millenial VA home buyers here.

Are you a millenial veteran or soldier who's bought a home here in Central Texas? How was your experience, and are you happy to have settled here? Let us know in the comments.

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