One of my favorite holidays is coming to Killeen, Texas, and no it is not Christmas or Thanksgiving. National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day is April 30, and I could not be more excited.

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I don’t know if you are looking for a companion, but dogs really are man’s best friend. Killeen animal shelter right now has about 20 adorable ready to go home pets that are eligible for a family to adopt, and there are more than 40 available adoptions to normal rates. I thinks a furry addition to the family is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

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In my opinion, living through this terrible pandemic, a lot of people didn’t realize how lonely it was. Adding a furry friend to my family was definitely the best decision that I’ve made during the pandemic and it could be the same for you.

What I love about the Killeen Animal Shelter is that when they set up the adoption program, they are so excited about giving a pet a forever home, and so helpful with the people adopting the animals. They really care about getting these furry bundles of love a safe, loving, foreverhome like yours.

So far this year the  Killeen animal shelter had 144 cats 222 dogs and eight other types of animals assigned to their forever homes, which is absolutely amazing. Come join us Saturday, April 30 and Sunday, May 1 to celebrate National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day. If you want to view an animal that is available for adoption you can go to


Before deciding to adopt, just remember that a little life will now be depending on you for a safe and stable home. Be sure you're ready to adopt, to give your time and love, and to go on plenty of walks.

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