A Killeen man is spending a couple of days orbiting the earth on board the International Space Station! 

Killeen native Shane Kimbrough is one of two Nasa astronauts who blasted off on board the Russian Soyuz space capsule. According to the Killeen Daily Herald, the first part of his mission is a joint effort with Russian astronauts to test out the upgraded spacecraft. Then, Kimbrough and the crew will dock with the space station to conduct hundreds of experiments in biology and physical science.

The ISS was where Scott Kelly set the United States for most consecutive days spent in outter space. He took tons of photos of Texas from space, which you can see here.

Kimbrough graduated from West Point in 1989 and spent time as an Apache helicopter pilot. He has a bachelors degree in Aerospace Engineering and a Masters in Operations Research.

Got to climb in our real Soyuz (союз) spacecraft in Baikonur, Kazakhstan. Great day! 10 days to launch!

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Kimbrough has spent years working with NASA to train other astronauts on landing procedures before being selected to train for a mission to space.