Erika Gill was born in the Dominican Republic and spent part of life in Puerto Rico before moving to the U.S. Her family had little money, and she had to teach herself English after sacrificing school for work. Now she plans to teach young children in our area.

KWTX's Marco Revuelta reports Erika recently finished her degree at Texas A&M Central Texas and will be part of the Killeen ISD staff in the fall of 2018. I love that Erika mentions just how she got started down the road to become a teacher. She said her motivation came from her son. His comments about not feeling engaged at school made her want to be the kind of teacher who reaches kids and motivates their desire to learn.

Being an undergrad and raising a family can be enough. We are proud of Gill's efforts to make a better life for herself and her family with her continued education.

Erika's advise for the rest of us is that "if you have a dream you need to go chase it". She's a great role model for many. Revuelta's report says that Erika will be at Pershing Park Elementary in the fall. She plans to continue on with her own education as well by working on a Masters Degree. She makes me want to do the same!


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