Central Texans don't have to look far to find fantastic Caribbean food and organic, homemade body care products to make living here healthy, wholesome, and fun.

Chef Ras serves up fresh, authentic Jamaican food at two Ras Kitchen locations: 515 South 2nd Street, Suite A in Killeen and inside the Killeen Mall. You can even find them on the Waitr App!

Growing up cooking for his family in Kingston, Jamaica, then making his way to Washington D.C. to study the art of cooking under a Rastafari master, Ras knows how essential to physical and spiritual well-being a good meal is. When he serves you at the restaurant or caters your event, you'll enjoy food that's carefully prepared with that in mind.

Chicken, sea food, goat, beef, and plenty of vegetarian options are all on the menu at Ras Kitchen. There are daily lunch specials for $5.99 and delicious fried chicken and macaroni on Wednesdays. Check out their menu today and show up hungry! | chefraskitchen.com/menus/

Ras Kitchen

Of course, what you put on your body can be just as essential to happiness and health as what you put in it. That's where Livin' Wright all-natural body care products.

CEO Emilie Wright specializes in bath and body products that are hand-made and carefully formulated using only organic ingredients.

Livin' Wright bath products include soaps, oils, bombs, exfoliators, lip scrubs, cold-pressed soaps, and shower steamers. There are even after-bath products, including massage oils, body oils, body butters, and lip balms and moisturizers so you can keep your freshly-clean skin feeling and looking great long after your bath or shower. Many feature all-natural lingering scents to encourage rest and relaxation.

Find Livin' Wright products in front of Finish Line in the Killeen Mall or visit livinwright.com.

Livin' Wright

Ultimately, the purpose of treating yourself to good food and safe, natural body products is to have the energy and confidence to get out and enjoy life, and that's where Chef Ras and Emilie come together to make it happen.

Working together as Icon Entertainment, the two host exciting monthly parties to celebrate different genres of music from around the world. Chef Ras has been known to bring some of his finest dishes to the party, so you definitely want to turn out.

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