They seem mundane, and somewhat boring, but parking lots can be deadly dangerous.

Keep your head on a swivel.

Via Clint Webb/KWTX
Via Clint Webb/KWTX

KWTX is reporting that a man was seriously injured Wednesday in the CVS parking lot at 601 North Valley Mills Drive in Waco.

It seems he sustained serious injuries to his legs, but they didn't appear to be life threatening.

The four occupants of the car that did the hitting fled the scene on foot. Of course, that was after they hit the man, an electrical box, and another car.

Quite the brain trust.

The foursome was reportedly made up of two men and two women. After police arrived on the scene, they searched the area for the fearsome four. The two men were found hiding in a dumpster behind a nearby Pep Boys store. At last check, the women remained at large.

My question is, were there female police officers involved in the search? Because if a man knows how a man thinks, you would expect that female police would know how a woman thinks and where they might hide.

Ah well. They'll turn up.



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