Bellmead authorities investigating a potential child endangerment case ended up discovering a situation more dire than they expected.

Tania Maya with our news partner, KWTX, reported that on Friday, July 7th, Bellmead officers were called to the 1500 block of Cloverleaf Street in response to reports of a drunken man riding a bicycle with a child.

Once authorities arrived on the scene,they observed James Fairl, 27, in a large ditch with a 40 ounce beer, while a nine year old boy was playing in the street unattended. Authorities believed Fairl's drunken state put his nine year old nephew at risk to injury without proper supervision.

Fairl was taken into custody and began acting belligerent towards officers once placed in the back of the squad car. He was kicking windows in the car, and was warned that his legs would be restrained if he continued.

When an officer was attempting to restrain his legs, Fairl began screaming that he was urinating in the car. Fairl was placed in a different squad car, but not before getting in a few kicks at the first car's security camera.

While being transferred to the other car, Fairl reportedly resisted and knocked over one of the officers on the scene. The officer wasn't injured, but Fairl is facing multiple charges for his actions.

Fairl is charged with abandoning or endangering a child, harassment of a public servant, and resisting transport. Their could be more charges added for damaging the back seat camera in the previous squad car.

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