The only thing worse than this guy's breath is his temper.

Police in Pittsburgh arrested a man because he got drunk and threatened to shoot a restaurant owner after his meal came with onions.

And here's the kicker: the man came back the next day to issue the threats.

Yuma Sharma, 43, ate at the All Indiana restaurant on Monday when he got the onions, but the flub stuck in his craw because he got drunk and came back Tuesday to complain. He rejected all pleas to leave and told the owner he would shoot him. Eventually, cops were called, but while the staff waited for the boys in blue, Sharma pulled down his pants and gave everyone a good look at his body. He resisted arrest, but cops managed to bring him downtown.

He's now looking at charges of terroristic threats, indecent exposure, public drunkenness and resisting arrest. All because he got onions. They say the punishment fits the crime. In this case, the crime doesn't fit the reason for losing his mind in the first place.

And, surprise, surprise: Sharma reportedly has a long list of legal woes.

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