Mario Lopez will be portraying KFC's Colonel Sanders in a new Lifetime original mini-movie and the twitter-sphere has thoughts.

The year 2020 and partner Lifetime is pulling out all the stops with this new film, A Recipe for Seduction. Usually people reserve sexing up characters for Halloween, but this December we'll see a much more provocative Colonel Sanders than what we're used to. The film is set to debut December 13, and as always has all the key factors of a Lifetime original movie. There's love, murder, affairs, and plenty of twists and turns. Who knew the chicken game was so crazy? Check out the titillating trailer below. As expected the twitter-sphere is going wild. I mean if we're rom-comming fast food restaurants, then what's next? Here are some reactions.





Will you be watching December 13th? Apparently I will because I mean obviously I can't miss out on what the whole universe will be discussing.

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