These days everyone has something to say about everything. Twitter is having a hard time understanding how one Texas family can go through 12 gallons of milk a week. I mean, we typically go through one gallon a week in my house. How much milk do you go through in a week in your household? Let us know in the Facebook comments of this status.

As reported by, The Stotler family is out of Kennedale, Texas, which is just south of Fort Worth.  Because of adoption, they currently have 9 people living in their home right now. They were recently featured on a segment on CNN about how U.S. inflation is hitting American families. Yes, we can all agree things are a little more expensive now! However, the part of the interview that stuck with everyone is that the Stotler family goes through 12 gallons of milk a week.  Twitter did its thing with some funny tweets...


I never really pay attention to the prices of stuff because we have to get it anyway. So I reached out to find out what a gallon of milk is going for here in Victoria. At HEB a gallon of whole milk goes for $3.38 and a half gallon goes for $1.94.

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