According to there have been twenty-two child hot car deaths in 2019, with four of them being right here in Texas. Of course, one is far too many.

We still have a couple more months of summer to go, so we need to make sure that the number does not rise. KTRK-TV reports that Nissan has added a new feature on a handful of their 2019 models that could be lifesaving.

The "rear door alert" system is activated when a rear door is opened and a child is seated. There are two reminders for the driver of a child. The first occurs when you stop your vehicle at the end of a trip. A warning reading "Check Rear Seat for All Articles" pops up on the dash. If you happen to miss that, a distinct horn will go off when you leave the car.

It's a super simple idea that could make a huge difference. Nissan plans on having the feature standard in every vehicle by 2022. Hopefully others will follow suit.

Always stay alert and have your child's safety at the forefront of your mind. If you see a child in a potentially dangerous situation, report it immediately.

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