I never thought I'd have to type this sentence, but no, Killeen ISD is not going to be inspecting any student athlete's private parts.

Killeen ISD officials warned Tuesday afternoon of a fake document that's been circulating on social media claiming that a "genital inspection" will be required for male student athletes as part of their sports physical this year. They say that's absolutely not the case, and that they've reported the hoax to several social media sites in hopes of seeing the document removed.

"Killeen ISD held a free athletic physical night earlier this year and under no circumstances does the district condone such requirements or behavior," they wrote in an alert.

I suspect this is another example of someone trying to translate an old meme into a real-life troll job.

If you've ever spent time in online forums outside of Facebook and other mainstream sites, you've probably seen the an old copypasta about schools in the UK having a "genital inspection" day. The idea is to trick newcomers into being shocked and asking a million questions about whether or not that's real and why it would be required.

I haven't seen that particular pasta in a long while, but it must be making a comeback if this foolishness is going on.

Nice try, kid. Nice try.

Don't be fooled by this stale meme, parents.

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