When I was in high school, I remember a teacher of mine, Mr.Tribble, telling all of our class that if we decided to become smokers, we also needed to decide to not leave a trace. My teacher's theory was that if putting a cigarette butt in your pocket grossed you out, you probably shouldn't be smoking. Since hearing that at the age of 17, I can't stand seeing people throw their cigarette butts out the window.

One police chief in Canada saw a person throw their cigarette butt out and decided to make a point. Del Manak took to his Twitter to tell us how it all went down.

Once he pulled the vehicle over, he asked why they threw their cigarette butt out the window. The driver said, “I didn’t want my car to burn.” Manak replied with “Then don’t smoke in your car,” and slapped the driver with 575 reasons why you don't throw your cigarettes out the window.

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