Sports World, the official provider of Temple Wildcat gear has unveiled a new playoff-themed shirt that is certain to take T-town by a blue storm. You can purchase the new shirts starting today at $12.99 and up. Let's intimidate Foster this Saturday.

Temple Wildcat fans have built a reputation of making any stadium their home turf and a lot of it is because of organization. With roughly 10,000 fans from last week's game, the Wildcats are gunning for 20,000 fans in the State Semifinal against Foster in San Marcos.

Sports World is located at 120 S Main St. in Temple. They're open weekdays 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM. Call 'em at (254) 778-2641. They're official sponsors of our Temple Wildcat Broadcasts, for which we are most grateful. Go see 'em!