A dive team sent by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has joined the effort to locate missing Fort Hood soldier Scott Weinhold who has been missing since a Monday evening fishing trip on Lake Belton.

Searchers did locate the body of Fort Hood Sgt. Kelton Sphaler on Tuesday afternoon. A third person, who has not been identified, was able to swim to shore Monday evening when the group's canoes turned over on the lake.

Photo via KWTX News 10 - Kelton Sphaler (right), Scott Weinhold (left)
Photo via KWTX News 10 - Kelton Sphaler (right), Scott Weinhold (left)

Crews are working hard to search the lake near the Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area as the week comes to an end. We want to thank our friends at HNH Pavement Markings and Rob Halford for sending us these drone photos used in the search for Scott Weinhold. Drones, helicopters, and dozens of volunteers are searching the area of the lake again today.

Lake Belton Photos by Rob Halford of HNH Pavement Markings

KWTX reports Kelton Sphaler was assigned to Fort Hood's 4th Battalion, 5th Air Defense Artillery Regiment, 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade at the time of his death.

Col. Curt King, commander, 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade said, “The 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, including many of Kelton’s friends, will remember his patriotic service to America including several overseas deployments; he will be missed. Sgt. Sphaler was an outstanding soldier and he was well-known by many Air Defenders across our Army. We have chaplains and counselors available to comfort soldiers as they remember Kelton’s positive impact on their lives."

Scott Weinhold, 24, is married and has been assigned to Fort Hood since March. We wish all the crews searching for him the best of luck and we thank them for their efforts.

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