Students and staff are safe and classes have resumed after a fire scare at Peebles Elementary School in Killeen.

Killeen ISD officials report that fire alarms on campus were triggered Thursday morning. Students were evacuated from every building and portable facility. All those fire drills came in handy.

Firefighters did a sweep of the campus and gave the all-clear. Students were allowed back in the buildings, but students who usually spend their day in the portable facilities were moved into main buildings as a precaution.

Officials believe a power line snapped and cast sparks near one of the portable buildings, triggering the alarms.

KISD officials say a message has been sent to parents to inform them of what happened.

It's been quite an eventful day for the students at Peebles Elementary. We're glad they're all ok. From the sound of things, it seems like there'll be quite a lot to talk about at lunch and recess today.

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