Belton High School's graduation took place Thursday night, and there was one moment that probably stuck out more than anything.

In January of 2012, Haley Johannsen was a student at Academy ISD, and was involved in a wreck while on a school bus. A Lowe's delivery truck driver hit the bus, and caused pretty substantial damage. The driver of the bus lost their life, and over 29 students were injured.

As reported by our news partner, KWTX, Johannsen said, "It’s kind of hard to talk about, but I've come so far."

Johannsen may have gotten the worst of the injuries, and was left with a broken back which paralyzed her from the waist down. After much work, she discussed with her family the possibility of walking the stage to receive her high school diploma. When Johannseen actually did it, it was a very touching moment in the Bell County Expo Center.

Belton ISD Superintendant Susan Kincannon expressed how special of a moment it was, and how Johannsen was such a special part of the Belton High School campus and would be missed.

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