Waco Hit and Run
A Waco driver was involved in a hit and run accident early Tuesday morning, and attempted to flee the scene on foot. The driver was quickly apprehended by Waco authorities, and was charged with multiple offenses. A man who tried to flee from police after a hit-and-run Tuesday morning is now in serio…
Hit and Run Driver On The Run
A driver of an early 2000's BMW hit a fire truck at the scene of another accident in Waco, the driver evaded the scene and authorities are on the look for the driver.
60 Year Old Waco Woman Killed By Driver
A 60 year old woman was hit by a driver, and died at the scene. Cheryle Booker Small, 60, a resident of Waco, was the victim of a hit and run that took place very early Monday morning.
Hit and Run Arrest
A Killeen woman remained in jail Friday after being arrested in Waco Tuesday. Police say she fled the scene after fatally wounding a motorcyclist on Rancier.

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