Temple Extreme Couponing
Amiraerica Ramos made a Hometown Hero move of her own this past week with a very touching gesture toward Temple's homeless community.
Texas Man Wins Whataburger For A Decade..What He Does Next Will Surprise You!
You can't call yourself a true "Texan" without having stopped through Whataburger. I am a fan of The "Texas Treasure" myself, so when I saw their Snapchat contest giving away "Free Whataburger For a Decade" I wanted IN on the fun, but unfortunately, like a lot of you, I didn't win, but one lucky man out of Houston did, and he's doing something AMAZING with his winning
Blanket Fort for the Homeless
It has been so cold outside that Killeen and Temple homeless warming shelters have been open for a couple of weeks now.  Blankets are always needed at times like these. Sometimes there are not enough.  Maybe we can do what a little North Carolina Boy did to gather some blankets.