The Department of Housing and Urban Development has gifted $2.23 million to Waco in the hopes of helping in the fight against child homelessness.

There are over 1,000 homeless students in Waco ISD alone.

With this funding, programs like host homes which take people in need and puts them into a housing environment. These host homes have been shown to be the best option for young children facing homelessness. This funding can also help to develop facilities like The Cove, which provide shelter to those in need. The Cove alone provided a safe space to more than 300 homeless WISD students.

Kelly Atkinson, The Cove's executive director says, "We know of students who are sleeping on the floor of the laundry room and they put their feet on the door so they know if someone comes in that is unsafe their going to be awakened,”. These shocking stories prove just how bad the homeless issue is, and how desperately we need a solution.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development was able to donate $75 million dollars this year to 23 communities around the country. This is a major improvement from last years $43 million. With more money, our programs can continue to grow and help more students.


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