Amiraerica Ramos made a Hometown Hero move of her own this past week with a very touching gesture toward our local homeless community.Amiraerica has her own extreme couponing business and she is using part of her savings from the checkout line to create gift packs for the local homeless in Temple. They are filled with food, and health & wellness items. Ramos says, "I'm no one to judge anybody. I've come from a rough life myself."

I just want everybody to realize that everybody is human, and no matter what, it only takes a few dollars, even a few cents, even a few coupons, if that, just to save, you know, and change somebody's life.

Local homeless need even more assistance during the summer heat. Ramos says she plans to try and hand out items once a month. The homeless population in Texas is estimated to be about fifteen-to-sixteen thousand people, accpording to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development - so every little bit helps.

Ramos said, "If it takes two, three years to do it, I'm willing to stay here and live here two, three years and continue my business, and continue on couponing and continue on spreading the word of God."

What a very touching statement and gesture. We love getting the chance to share a story like this with you. Sometimes just reading about this type of kindness can help give others motivation to do more. It's definitely a story that's worth passing on. Our thanks to Amiraerica for all she does. It gives people hope.

"They have really helped me out. They made me think about all the things that I've been doing, and, you know, that I do want to change and that there is a better life," said recipient of such items, Deedee Watson.