Austin Mayor Urges Residents to Work From Home Friday
Hey! Have you heard? SXSW is upon us, which means traffic will be OBSCENE going in, and coming out of Austin for the next few weeks. Since Austin is already gridlocked for much of the time, combining SXSW will likely start Carmageddon. But there's one more thing happening tomorrow (Friday) - th…
Obama Arrives In Russia For G-20 Meetings
ST. PETERSBURG, Russia (AP) — President Barack Obama is in St. Petersburg, Russia, for meetings with world leaders at the Group of 20 summit.
Obama arrived Thursday morning from Sweden, the first stop on his three-day overseas trip. The Stockholm stop was added after Obama canceled plans to hold talk…
Remembering West
A memorial service for 14 people who were killed when a fertilizer plant exploded and leveled part of the town of West, Texas last week is set to take place on Thursday at Baylor University's Ferrell Center in Waco.
President Barack Obama, Texas Governor Rick Perry and U...
The New Mavericks
I’m Lynn Woolley with your Logic Minute for 3/8/13
We may have just witnessed a passing of the torch in the US Senate. Two “maverick” senators, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, took on the bullies in the Obama administration over the constitutionality of drones on A…
Free in Arizona
In an almost unbelievable move, the Department of Homeland Security has released hundreds of detained illegal immigrants in anticipation of automatic budget cuts set to take place March 1.
Building His Case
President Barack Obama will speak in Newport News, Virginia today as he continues his efforts to convince Congress to take action to avoid massive spending cuts. Mr. Obama will address employees of Newport News Shipbuilding, a company responsible for the construction and maintenance of som…
Obama Is Tightening The Screws
I’m Lynn Woolley with your Logic Minute for 2/25/13
President Obama will blame the “pain” from the Sequester on
Republicans. But still, he doesn’t seem to be sure that HE won’t get
blamed as well. So he’s tighte…
What They Knew And When
Some major news organizations in the United States are accused of complicity after details emerged suggesting they bowed to pressure from the Obama administration not to disclose the existence of a secret drone base in Saudi Arabia.
The Washington Post and The New York Times in particular are being c…
Latino groups to Obama: You owe us election
(Liz Goodwin) -- In initially off-the-record comments to the Des Moines Register's editors in October, President Barack Obama said that if he won re-election, he would owe it to Latinos.
"Should I win a second term," Obama said, "a big reason I will win a second term is because the Rep…

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